This project is read-only. 1.0 - Stable 1.0
  • Location search with 5-digit US Zip Code
  • Improved error handling
  • API documentation in CHM file (available as a download)
  • Sample XSLT tranformations (available as a download) of
    • Location search
    • Current weather conditions
    • Weather forecast
  • Sample console application performing XSLT transformation on service data (available as a download) 0.2 - Beta 0.2
  • Promo links support
  • Asynchronous calls can now be made using API
  • Setting TimeOut for service
  • Comparision and Validation of XML retured by the in Unit Test to discover if still supports latest version of the service
  • Units system can now be selected through API
  • Documentation section is now available 0.1 - Alpha

  • Get weather conditions for today
  • Get weather forecast for up to 4 days
  • Location search within and outside of US

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